A message from our Founder Director

Ms. Smita Vishweshwar

“What you learn with pleasure, remains with you forever”


This is something I strongly believe in, and only further reaffirms my commitment towards ensuring a learning environment that is activity based and is joyful to the learner.


I have always felt that children should be viewed as having a natural quest for learning as long as they are provided with an appropriately supportive environment.


When I chanced upon Dr Maria Montessori’s method of education, I naturally gravitated towards it., This method supports independent learning, and challenges the traditional/conventional method. It furthered my belief that children loved to learn and work, given their own individual space and pace.


I strongly believe that every child must have the right to a Montessori education, especially in their early years, regardless of one’s background or economic status. I trust in the power of education to empower the educator, as much as the student, and using the teaching profession as a means to help create women leaders.


The desire to make a difference, and provide and promote a joyous learning space for students, led to the birth of Sprouts Montessori House of Children! Like how a seed germinates into a plant, I wanted our children to always sprout at their own pace, yet be very firm and strong in their roots. Therefore, the name “Sprouts” seemed a natural choice.


Over the last 18 years, we have grown from merely 4 to more than 300 children, gradually adding new environments across 4 premises, right from Toddler, Primary, Lower & Upper Elementary to the Erdkinder/Early Adolescents, moving on to Grade 10!


This incredible journey will be etched in my memory forever. There has been an organic growth at every stage, thereby standing true to the meaning of its name – Sprouts!


The school will continue to push boundaries to provide the experience of a lifetime to all the children, the educators, the support staff and parents too; where every day is a new day, with new things to learn and getting the best out of it all!


This is that place where I am me, at my best, with my children, and my team!


On this note, I welcome you to Sprouts and look forward, to having you be part of this beautiful journey of growth and learning!

A few words from our new Principal

Ms. Shivani Bhaiya

A very warm hello and welcome to all of you to Sprouts Montessori. As the Principal of this high-powered school, I started my journey on the teaching track as an avid supporter and follower of the Montessori pedagogy. The ability to innovate, create and inspire the children in their journey of learning, have always been crucial in my practice. This continues to be my area of work, for Sprouts Montessori as we move forward to embrace the Cambridge syllabus for our higher classes.


Our goal is to help each child achieve a sense of success in their work, by mentoring, encouraging and guiding them through their paths of self-learning and discovery. Following the educational needs and trends, we adopt and adapt to new platforms for delivery of information, providing a wide range of opportunities for our children to have their unique intellectual growth.


I believe that quality and not quantity is what matters and there is no stone left unturned to ensure that the best facilities are provided for our children. The varied and dynamic environments of our school have been specially designed and empowered with all the tools, to support the independent development of our children into creative, resilient, independent, flexible and socially adept young people.


Your child is very special to us and they need a safe, secure, loving and challenging environment. Their curiosity needs to be nurtured and their quest for learning encouraged. Hence it becomes crucial to create unique experiences that go beyond the four walls of the classroom for our learners, enhance the community development with our parents and create a positive working environment for my passionate team of qualified teachers.


I look forward to a wonderful and exciting expedition with my children and team, to achieve our vision!

Thank you.

Meet our Dream Team

Each environment is supported by an academic coordinator, who is also a common point of contact between the teachers and the parents.

Meet our Coordinators for the Academic Year 2023-24

Sanjala Sudhir
Primary and Toddler
Poonam Chokhani
Lower Elementary
Vaishnavi Sridhar
Upper Elementary
Rosamma Antony
Early Adolescence & Adolescence
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