Admission Process

Welcome to the online admission platform of Sprouts Montessori. As the world moves towards digitization, the admission process has been simplified, to help the parents complete part of the formalities from the comfort of their home. Sprouts follows the following procedure to confirm the admission of a child, in the applied environment.


Pre-Admission Online form

Fill in the Online Admission Form and Pre-Admission form. All questions are mandatory. Check for link below.


Child Observation

  • There is no observation or greet and meet session for toddler admissions.
  • For Primary, there will be a greet and meet session of the child with the teachers. Post this the child will be required to attend a half day regular school session in the environment.
  • Elementary (Lower and Upper), the child will be required to attend a half day regular school session in the environment applied for.
  • For the Adolescent Child, there will be an entrance test required, followed by a greet and meet session with the teacher.


Parent Interview

Post the observation, the parents will have an interview with the school management, for further discussions.


Post Admission

Please fill out the post admission form provided and submit along the fee payment. You would need to send a copy of the Birth Certificate, Copy of Aadhaar Card and 5 recent passport size photos of the child to the main office and soft copy of the same.


Material Collection

Please collect the collection of Welcome Kit and purchase the uniform. The payment for the uniform purchase is accepted in cash only.

In view of COVID-19 pandemic, physical meetings have been suspended. The online process will be detailed to you once Step 1 is completed.


  • The admission of your child is complete and confirmed only after all the above-mentioned formalities have been completed.
  • The confirmation of admission will be done based on the observation feedback from the teachers and the management team.

Please fill in the forms given below. 

Admission Enquiry Form

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