I really liked being in primary but when I moved to elementary, I was so happy and excited because I was in a bigger class and I was in the first standard. Every day I wanted to be in school. I was so happy to see my friends again because we had a long break..
My teachers are really nice and whenever I need help, they would help me. I really love being in Lower Elementary. I really want to see the Elementary environment and classrooms and I want to be there to learn things.

Gianna Biswas

We have seen our son grow into an independent, confident, creative, and assertive child with Sprouts. For him life at Sprouts is speaking his mind, sharing knowledge, questioning all, inquisitive learning, presenting ideas, laughing aloud and bonding with buddies.

N. A. Arivukkarasi and K. Valliappan, Parents of V. A. Amithaneyan

Poorani has been wonderful during this school year, making the online classes enjoyable for all. She has managed to keep the kids engaged, and pays attention to every kid, remembering their favourite songs and activities. She has always communicated well to all the parents about activities we need to keep ready, and to the kids regarding the agenda for the class. Our daughter loves dancing to Poorani aunty’s songs and listens very attentively to her stories.

Smrithi Parameswar, Parent of Drishya - Toddler

No school takes care of kids like Sprouts does. I’ve been a Sprouts parent for the past 4 years now and I’ve been the happiest. Sprouts believes in teaching kids through materials. This gives the child a hands-on experience with a great impact. My child loves to express freely and is learning to be independent.
Thank you Sprouts.

Bhavya M. Sarode, Parent of Purav M. Sarode

A big thank you to the school, teachers and support staff for the smooth facilitation of the online classes in these trying times. It is challenging to get the attention of small kids, but that was done effectively by the teachers and as the child teacher ratio is well balanced. The kids were happy to connect with their friends and teacher every day. The new Montessori materials provided helped the kids to connect with what was taught in school. We were lucky to have the well-coordinated team answer the many questions each parent had.

Sapna Kalantri and Atul Sarogi , Parents of Dia Sarogi - Primary

    I love Sprouts Montessori! Here, I am free to choose what I want to work with and even have meaningful conversations with friends while working. I have been in Sprouts since I was a toddler and now, I am in Elementary. I can work with whatever material I want and as long as I want to. I like Math because I don’t need to go straight to using my mind but instead just use the materials. There are many materials, group projects, experiments and stories and I enjoy them all. I love the fact that I can do art and craft and theatre in class. All the aunties/teachers are very nice and I have a great set of friends. In the Covid 19 lockdown, I had online classes and they were great fun. We worked together with materials even in online classes. I never want to leave Sprouts!  

Tejaswi Vikram

We have had both our kids in Sprouts since 2015. Prahlad has gone through toddler, primary and elementary environments. We have seen such great progress year-on-year. The kind of attention that was given to him even during online classes was tremendous. We have been very happy with the way Sprouts has organised the entire year of virtual school. Each child is encouraged to grow at their own pace and that is amazing. Dhamayanthi is also following her brother’s footsteps in every activity, taking interest in everything around her. This is definitely due to the Montessori style of education that Sprouts follows. Thank you, Team Sprouts!

Vijayalakshmi Krishna, Parent of Prahlad Sriram

To be herself, to grow and develop at her pace was what left a deep impression on us.
Toddler to Primary, we never once thought of moving to another school.
I remember telling Smitha Ma’am that I was not looking at any other school and would
rather Rhea complete her schooling at Sprouts. Through the years, we have seen the whole
team of Sprouts working tirelessly beyond call of duty to bring Sprouts to the forefront as a
school to be reckoned with. We strongly believe that when a child is given the freedom to
explore and arrive at a combination of possibilities, true learning happens. It keeps the spirit
of the inquisitive mind intact, yet hungry for more.
At Sprouts, we have seen our children grow into strong individuals who are self-assured and
ready to carve their own paths. We have seen a school that does not advocate mob culture,
and every learning curve is an opportunity for growth. Our journey at Sprouts has been
deeply satisfying. Words do not suffice to express our deepest gratitude to everyone at
Sprouts who have through all these years been instrumental in shaping our children into
what they are today.

Deepak & Nisha Bohra, Parents of Rhea, Grade 10

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