School of Sports

Sprouts Montessori collaborates with School of Sports, to extend after-school multi-sport training to strengthen the skill and knowledge of children, and amplify their motivation to participate in sports. This programme delivers high-quality physical education and professional sports training, with the vision of helping students reach their full potential.


The Global Arts & Music Exchangeor G.A.M.E is a LEAP Foundation that uses music as a tool to enhance the symbiotic relationship between a Parent-Child. This project is being done in collaboration with Sprouts Montessori.

G.A.M.E. under the able tutelage of Mr. Srinivas Krishnan aims to provide global learning, cultural sensitivity, and celebration of songs by listening to and learning from renowned artists from around the world. Mr. Srinivas Krishnan has over 3 decades of project experiences around the globe, with noted artists like AR Rahman. He has built a community choir that personifies a platform for observation, ideation, and teamwork.

We work with different languages and ragas, exploring their nuances, learning about the composers, and the context in which their compositions were created, using the medium of arts, music, and films.

  • The G.A.M.E Programme is focused towards creating a choir that:
  • Celebrates teamwork through high quality music from diverse cultures.
  • Strengthens a sense of well-being within a family and gives more meaning to sharing with our community.
  • Deepens a student's strength of listening, attention span, sense of well-being and expression.
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