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Welcome to the Toddler environment, where our children manifest their truest form by constantly exploring and getting busy at work. A nurturing second home for the tiny tots with the space to explore and experiment. From the time a child can walk, up to the age of 3 years, they belong to this environment, where the child is capable of absorbing huge amounts of information about their environment through their senses.


The Toddler environment is a space that is prepared for the children keeping their needs in focus, and reflects simplicity, beauty and order. The materials are carefully curated to bring cooperation, coordination, concentration, order and finally Independence in the children.

All the materials and furniture are designed keeping in mind this age group of children. The plan facilitates for the toddlers to find and replace things easily. It allows for freedom to make positive active choices and gives space to concentrate.

It is prepared to promote the child’s development through experiences of practical life, enrichment of vocabulary and exposure to different languages. Gradually, they master large and fine motor skills through developmental activities and working with the materials.

Our trained adults of this specially prepared environment, welcome the child with a broad and inviting smile every morning exuding warmth. Through a gradual process of settling down parents and the child slowly begin to adapt to this new environment. The teachers connect with each child to make him/her feel comfortable and bond together emotionally.


  • Is a subconscious and unconscious learner
  • Absorbs information like a sponge
  • A wanderer who gets easily distracted
  • An individual with a high sense of order
  • Acquires social and language skills from the immediate environment
  • Prefers to work with real-life materials

The Toddler children are very specific with what they want and their mood reflects the circumstances and situations.


In the Toddler environment, there are 4 major areas of focus for this child: Language, Practical life, Food Preparation and Manipulatives.

  • The children engage in the day-to-day life activities, to develop their motor skills and practice their various physical movements.
  • Language is made rich in this environment through oral communication, songs and presentations in different languages.
  • Circle time stories and spontaneous communications help develop their social skills and behaviour.
  • Child size materials help them to repeat and work independently while creating foundations for learning.
  • Art is a popular medium of work, where the tactile senses of the child are engaged.

Working Schedule for the Toddler Environment:


8:30 am to 9:00 am

Work time

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Play time, Snacks and Circle Time

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

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