Co Curriculars


“The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.” – Maria Montessori

Art is an important communication method that allows the child to express their emotions and ideas in a creative manner. At Sprouts Montessori, Art is considered an essential co-curricular, taught alongside and integrated with other streams of study, to provide a full and enriched experience to the students.

The Montessori classroom is a creative space where the child is allowed to explore and experience art in a free-flowing format of structured instructions. This leads to the development of a strong sense of perspective and self-expression.


“Education cannot be effective, unless it helps a child to open up himself to life.” – Maria Montessori

Counselling and wellness program at Sprouts recognises the importance of social and emotional development of each child. We believe that understanding and managing changing emotions in children, using effective communication with them, makes it easier for the children to handle their ever-changing world.

Sprouts supports parents who also play an integral part in the child’s life. Group, individual and parent counselling are offered to ensure a wholistic approach to the child’s development.


“The development of mind comes through movement.” ― Maria Montessori

Dance not only develops the aesthetic performance in children, but also builds better control of their body movements. In Sprouts, this co-curricular introduces children to the various dance forms, offering an understanding of both the theory and the practical knowledge of the form. Dance allows children to express their various emotions, feelings and ideas through a creative format of physical performances.

Physical Education

“It is impossible to educate the mind without involving the body.Learning is thinking and movement integrated.” – Maria Montessori

Team work, discipline, following ground rules and pushing their own limits are direct learnings of Physical Education. Sprouts offers a range of sports training opportunities for children of all ages. Children are encouraged to participate in its various formats, like free-play, structured games, and sports day event where children engage in physical activities with one another.


“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”- Maria Montessori

Theatre is a creative platform, which is offered to every child from their elementary years. On stage performances and communicating with large audiences, help the children become confident individuals. Our theatre program involves the children in the detailed processes of script writing, editing, plot forming and expressive art. It makes them aware of the nuances of theatre and offers them opportunities to be a part of an imaginary world, which supports their out-of-the-box thinking and evaluation skills of a situation.


Yoga aids the physical development of the children across age groups, by improving their strength, balance and endurance. It enhances their mental progress, boost the memory and focus in the children, and reduces their stress and anxiety levels. We at Sprouts, weave fun games and activities with yoga to help the children develop interest and enjoy this ancient Indian practice.

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