Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to the website of Sprouts Montessori House of Children.  We look forward to getting to know you and your family, and showing you our educational program for children between the ages of 1.6 years and 12 years.

It is every parents dream to put their child in a school which will fulfil the child’s present need , and also lay a solid foundation for the future. When they embark on a school search, they often wonder: How can we know what will be the best school for our child and how will that choice prepare our child for their next step? And thinking further into future, they ask: How can a school prepare children for life in the 21st Century when our global society is changing so rapidly?

Our school offers an education that meets the specific needs of young children, and helps them develop ways of thinking and solving problems that will stay with them through time.

At Sprouts, children have the opportunity to discover their personal strengths in a child-centered environment. They develop on their own timetable, and each child is known and appreciated for his or her individuality. As the children progress through the Elementary years, the work becomes more complex and abstract with opportunities for self-directed study, in-depth analysis, small group collaborations, peer teaching, and individual goal setting with teachers. After completing their journey at Sprouts, our graduates attend some of the most demanding schools in the city, and they are well prepared because they have learned how to think critically and independently and how to get work done on their own. As adults, our children are life-long learners who are motivated to take on challenges, open-minded and creative in their approaches to problems, confident in their ability to make good choices, and self-directed as they chart their course in life.

We instill these qualities in our students by:

  • Fostering the exploration that comes naturally to children
  • Emphasizing hands-on, experimental and creative learning opportunities that encourage choice and responsibility
  • Giving children an appreciation of nature and our responsibility to the worldnin which we live
  • Nurturing a diverse community that reflects our global society and creates a

Welcoming culture for families.

Our philosophy is inspired by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician. Our students learn the fundamentals of math, language, arts, geometry, history, geography, and science, as well as performing arts, movement, fitness, and sports. They learn not only the nuts and bolts of their subjects but also develop a social, emotional and ethical foundation that will enable them to take on life’s challenges with assurance. We teach independence from the very beginning as children enter school by themselves and take responsibility for their materials and things. Our hands-on materials allow children to learn from mistakes. The children do not look to adults for confirmation of their success; they can see it in the work that they do. Confidence and competence take hold when a child knows that he or she can achieve something without help.

This journey from I ½ years to 12 is a remarkable time in a child’s life, and at Sprouts Montessori School, teachers, parents and children share in the joy of discovery and the deepening awareness of each individual’s contribution to our vibrant community.


About the principal:

Founder, Director and Head of School Smita Vishweshwar has done her

  • Graduation in Economics, Maths and Statistics from Calcutta University.
  • Montessori training for Primary Children from Centre for Montessori Training Chennai .
  • Elementary Montessori training from Indian Institute For Montessori Studies, Bangalore
  • Training of teachers at Centre for Montessori Training Chennai from 2003 to 2008.
  • Consultant for setting Montessori environment at SOS village , Tambaram
  • Trustee, Nishkam Trust, This trust works alongside the Government and set Montessori environments in 13 Balwadis in different areas of Chennai.
  • Has completed certified program at IIM Calcutta in Executive program in leadership and Management.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Best Teacher Award given by Rotary Club of Madras Central on 8th September 2016
  • ‘International Achiever Award for Education Excellence’ in August 2016
  • FAME (Foundation for Accelerated Mass Empowerment) India Award in July 2016.
  • Rashtra Vibhushan Award by Foundation for Accelerated Community Empowerment in December 2015.



Mrs. Smita Vishweshwar joining the children at the Eco-friendly walk


Mrs. Smita Vishweshwar addressing the crowd gathered for Annual Day

Principal, addressing the crowd gathered for Annual Day


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