Toddler Montessori

Toddler Montessori – Age : 1.5 years to 3 years

Our Toddler Program supports the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child. Toddlers strengthen speech and language development and both fine and gross motor skills as they explore self, family and the world in which they live. The toddler activities aim at coordination, concentration and independence—all of which prepare them well for a successful transition into Primary Montessori.

The Toddler environment has children from 1.5 years- 3 years. Children are encouraged to become independent while going to the toilet, eating their food or even putting on their shoes. The shelves are set at a low level, which helps the little one move about and choose the activity he would like to work with.

Preliminary Activities

Preliminary Activities are activities that help the child settle down as they are familiar puzzles that help in developing his cognitive skills. It involves activities like moving a bead through a metal frame, stacking, fitting coloured shapes on pegs, wooden boxes with holes to put objects in, etc.

Exercises of Practical Life

The Exercises of Practical Life are activities that the child is familiar with. It involves four areas – Taking care of oneself, Taking care of the environment, Elementary movements and Social Behaviour Activities. The Toddler classroom offers the early Practical Life exercises, such as Pouring, Opening and Closing, Spooning, Bead Stringing, Carrot Cutting, Pounding Channa, Rolling Chappathis, Making Sandal Paste etc. These activities are aimed at enhancing the child’s development of fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, balance, sense of order, concentration and independence. A lot of emphasis is given to Elementary movements like How to roll a mat, how to carry and put down objects etc, which actually help in developing the wrist movements for writing later.


There is an explosion of words in the child’s speech around the age of 2, and we see the toddlers making sentences clearly and confidently. The Language materials in the Toddler environment like the Classified Pictures or Scenic Pictures focus on developing the child’s vocabulary. Apart from this several Enrichment of Vocabulary activities are given to the child using puzzles, conversations, Name Lessons, Stories and Songs (in English, Hindi and Tamil). A few Sound Recognition activities are also given to help the child in his transition into Primary. The Toddlers enjoy music a lot and are seen moving and singing along to many songs which are sung to them on a daily basis. This enriches their vocabulary a lot and helps them settle down in the new environment.


Children learn through their hands, and their senses are at their optimum level during this time. They imbibe so many sensorial impressions by seeing, feeling, hearing and even tasting! The Sensorial materials in the Toddler environment are the basic materials of dimension, colour, texture and sound. The small Cylinder Blocks, Pink Tower, Colour Tablets and a lot of Tactile materials are introduced to the Toddlers to help them classify the impressions that they have taken in.


To help prepare the mathematical mind, Toddlers are exposed to the world of numbers through concrete materials, songs and the Sensorial activities. These activities encourage the development of important skills such as order, sequence, visual discrimination, sorting, one-to-one correspondence and directionality. While working with many of the Practical Life and Sensorial activities, there is a mathematical precision and sequencing that is used by him and this prepares him to enter the world of numbers later.



A variety of practical life activities in the Toddler environment



Aarohi stringing beads


Avantika enjoying the Sports day activity



Avantika Murugan pouring water into moulds



Celebrating festivals together



Children are allowed to choose their work themselves



Enrichment of vocabulary activities



Our playground is colorful and natural with a lot of sand and a big tree



Preliminary activities help the child settle down



Rolling a mat and winding up the work is fun



Song time sure is fun with actions and new words being learnt


The bangle stand sure is fun

The bangle stand sure is fun



The big Sprouts Toddler family



Water activities are enjoyed by the Toddlers and they love to wipe their workplace clean



We Toddlers love to sit and listen to the new stories that our aunties tell us



Working with simple puzzles helps the child’s cognitive skills