Sprouts : At a Glance

Sprouts: At A Glance


  • Started Early Adolescence Environment (11 years to 14 years – Classes 6, 7, 8) last year (June 2017)
  • Sprouts Montessori House Of Children was founded in March 2003 as an after school activity at 356 T T K Road, Alwarpet.
  • In June 2004 it was upgraded into a regular day school that would exclusively provide emphasis in the core principles of Montessori based education. Executed the project at the above address for four years (Children count increased from 5 to 40).
  • To accommodate the growing number, our school shifted premises to 177 Luz church Road in October 2008 where the strength of children increased to 80.
  • It moved to its present location at 10/56, Luz Avenue Road in May 2012. The current strength of children is 260
  • The School has expanded to 3 Campuses to accommodate the growing numbers.


Accreditations and affiliations:

  • Accredited and registered with the Indian Montessori Centre.
  • Registered with Tamil Nadu Government as Sprouts Montessori & Nursery House of Children
  • Pursuing the Cambridge Board (IGCSE) Curriculum
  • EIMS Number: 305/2014

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Best Teacher Award given by Rotary Club of Madras Central on 8th September 2016
  • ‘International Achiever Award for Education Excellence’ in August 2016
  • FAME (Foundation for Accelerated Mass Empowerment) India Award in July 2016.
  • Rashtra Vibhushan Award by Foundation for Accelerated Community Empowerment in December 2015.
  • Education World India’s Preschool Rankings 2016 has awarded Sprouts Montessori House of Children with the 4th Rank.


Grade levels:

The school serves children between the ages of 1 ½ years to 14 years in mixed-age classrooms.


Special features:

  • Outstanding Toddler, Primary,Elementary & Early Adolescence program for children including exposure to various forms of art, clay modeling, rhythm and movement, drama and storytelling, excursions and celebrations.
  • Low teacher-student ratios, fostering respectful working relationships with children and adults
  • Multipronged approach to math and language instruction using Montessori materials along with CBSE & IGCSE curriculums.
  • Tamil and Hindi language given equal importance being the National and State Language and taking into consideration the child‘s capability of learning 6 languages at this age. After 6 years or in the Elementary Program, the child chooses one of the two as a second language.
  • Field Trips/Excursions are conducted every term to give a practical exposure to the children, be it the animals or the flora by taking them to zoo or to a botanical garden.
  • Celebrations: Every festival or event is organized in the school meticulously to celebrate the unique aspect of each festival in a child friendly approach.
  • We are proud to run and administer a Team Sprouts having 41 female teaching staff and 17 helpers apart from Professionals in Dance, Music, Yoga & Theater.

2018-2019 Student Enrollment

  •    Total Students: 266
  •    Toddler Environment: 54
  •    Primary Environment: 133
  •    Elementary Environment: 71
  •    Early Adolescence Environment: 08


Diversity: Sprouts values diversity.

  • We have 260 children coming from different strata of society (from families who work at the American Consulate to children whose parents have tough jobs such as being an auto rickshaw driver). This diverse student body allows for enormous compassion, understanding and sensitivity to be developed over time.
  • An inclusive centre where we take children with special needs and provide free education or subsidize the fees for children whose parents cannot afford but have a dream to give the best to their child.



The School is located and has expanded to 3 buildings in the heart of the city and in a quiet neighbourhood now to accommodate the growing numbers.


Educational philosophy: The school’s program reflects the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, but has adapted its curriculum to meet the particular needs of children going to traditional schools. Sprouts emphasize hands-on learning and provide meaningful opportunities for experiencing nature and the natural sciences. It helps children to reach their potential through a strong social, emotional and ethical foundation, and an approach to learning that emphasizes problem-solving skills.

Sprouts works to instill in children the following qualities: Independence, Intrinsic motivation, confidence and competence, and an awareness of their role and responsibility as a citizen of the world.



Sprouts children get admissions in Chennai’s selective ongoing schools in the neighborhood- Vidya Mandir, MCTM, DAV, Harishree, St Johns, Chettinad Vidhyashram, Grove school. Our children fare very well when they take an admission exam and are always ahead in academics.



Head teachers complete an accredited Montessori certification program in addition to having at least a bachelor’s degree. Montessori philosophy and responsibilities of a Montessori Directress form a part of their personality. All teachers follow the Montessori philosophy and Sprouts also employs a full-time special educator and specialist teachers for yoga and dance.


Academic calendar:

The school year, classes begin the first Monday of June and finish by March end.  Sprouts follows the holiday and vacation schedule recommended by the Tamil Nadu Government.



Head of School:  Smita Vishweshwar

Mailing address: # 10/56, Luz Avenue Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600004

Telephone Office: +91-044-42074072, +91-044-24981006

Social media: You can follow the school on Facebook

FaceBook:  SproutsMontessoriMylapore