School communication



Sprouts communicates with parents and the community through several channels.

  • » Current parents in the school receive the Monthly planners through Yokibu and e-mail.
  • » A detailed circular will be mailed in Yokibu or E-mail for each and every event held in the school or outside premises.
  • » All the planners and circulars are always put up on the school notice board for parents reference.
  • » The School calendar, contains important information about school events and policies.
  • » A progress report will be given at the end of each term. An observation and Activity file is maintained for each child.
  • » Parent’s teacher meetings will be conducted at regular intervals.
  • » Regular workshops are conducted in the school premises for the Montessori awareness to the Parents.
  • » The parents join in the fun and festivities during celebrations as they are an integral part of our community


Sprouts engages our community using a number of social media sites. Like us on Facebook.

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For additional information please contact:

Mylapore Branch

10/56, Luz Avenue Road, Mylapore, Chennai-4


98411 22788


A workshop for Primary Parents



Addressing the parents during a workshop



Parents during the Elementary exhibition