Parent’s FeedBack

Parent’s FeedBack



This year was quite a journey for Shriyans from being a newcomer to settling down and making new friends.

He has shown quite an improvement in writing, coloring and significant build of vocabulary and ability to converse in English. A ‘eureka moment ‘for me would be when he started reading a book to me one fine day with hardly any help from me, which made me realise the amount of work and dedication the teacher has put into instilling confidence in him to read by himself.

We look forward to the coming months of this term and thank team Sprouts for their dedicated teachers who guide and nurture young minds.


Shilpa Vivek- Mother of Shriyans Vivek from Primary 2


A couple of days back, Tanvi gave a surprise which made me speechless for a moment and made me to share with you.


From the day she was selected as a dazzling and rocky Mercury for the Annual Day event, she started to show more interest in exploring Solar System and Planets. Her infinite questions on the Solar System made us to buy her books on Planets (of course it helped us too to read and answer her questions!!), showing her videos on Solar System etc..


One day she was saying the dialogues on Planets. To have fun, I became Tanvi and asked her ‘Aunty, What is a Solar system?’.


She took the Stationary box of Sharpeners and erasers. I was wondering what she was upto. She kept the circular cello-tape in the Center and said “See Tanvi, this is Sun’, then she selected and placed an ash color sharpener near to Sun and said ‘this is Mercury’… and arranged all the sharpeners and erasers around them by matching the colors with the actual Planets colors (like red rubber for Mars etc. – but she did not have all colors required!!).


I was really surprised to see how much ‘The Solar System’ has influenced her. Her understanding on the concepts, at this age, is definitely due to the practical approach of Montessori Methodology which a traditional method would not have provided.

Tanvi's 'Stationery' Solar System

Thank you so much to Smitha Mam, all her teachers and Sprouts Team for helping to build a strong foundation for my child’s future



 Priya Narsi- Mother of Tanvishree. L from Primary 1


Owing to job related travels, I had to be away from my daughter for 5 weeks. My daughter is very attached to me and extremely sensitive, so she got very upset & moody at this time.That’s when Sprouts teachers treated her like family, gave her all the solace and emotional support they could, to ensure she is happy and comfortable. I am truly indebted to them. The patience exhibited by the teachers and Principal here is admirable!

And I am so amazed at the way Excursions are planned at Sprouts – Every item including home made food is being taken care of by the School! The school is undeniably a second home for my daughter.

And as a clinching line, I was all tears when my daughter danced away to glory during the Annual Day! Haven’t ever seen such an impeccable planning with respect to timing and coordination anywhere – Even the clock could go wrong, but not Sprouts – Perfectionism at its highest best!

Way to go, Sprouts Principal & Teachers! Thank you for laying such a wonderful foundation for my child’s schooling!

With Warm Regards,

Harini Ramesh (Mother of HR Mahati, Toddler – 1)


This is a Thank You note to the school especially the teacher(s) of my son Devesh who is studying in your school. For an entire year, I was worried about sending my little boy to kindergarten. Elementary school is the foundation for a lifetime of learning, and we parents want the best possible foundation for our child. After going through many nearby play schools that would give him the best possible start I zeroed in on Sprouts Montessori school.


With heavy heart I dropped him on The first day of school. As I saw him go inside the class room and the gate being closed tears started rolling on my face  because for the first time, my son would be gone all day.


But from the next day on wards he started crying to go to school and would make a big fuss everyday to get up and get ready to go to school.


All this changed within a week thanks to the teachers and the school staff my son very soon started liking the school! Special thanks to Ms. Pavithra and Ms. Seetha.


Though it may sound cliche but A good teacher is someone who can think like a student, look like a parent and behave like a boss. You are the boss our kid is lucky to have. Thanks.


Through this letter I want to recognize you – his teacher and thank you for making my son feel very comfortable in school. He now has made lot of friends and he likes his teacher a lot.


Thank you for being a part of his growing life!


With best regards,

Anitha Jai- Mother of Devesh J from Toddler 1


Sprouts , my school, is a super place!


When we shifted to Chennai last year, getting a good school for our children was our priority. My husband and me went to numerous schools all over Chennai but were unable to get admissions for both our daughters in the same school. We remember coming to Sprouts with little hope. Madhvika heard us patiently, took a few notebooks and report cards of our elder daughter, Sanika and told that she would get back to us after discussing with the elementary teachers.The next day, we were informed that both our children could be granted admission to Sprouts. And so began our journey with Sprouts!

Once our younger one got adjusted to toddler environment, she has enjoyed every bit of her schooling. Be it the nursery rhymes, morning prayers or annual day rehersals, we have seen her enjoyment in every activity. All her teachers, initially in toddler and now in primary environments, have found a place in her heart with their friendly, caring and patient attitude. We have played school- school with her many times at home and I think, know exactly what everyone does at school- be it her friends, aunties or even akkas.

We were worried about Sanika, the elder one. Having studied in a much bigger school earlier, we thought she would find it hard to adjust in Sprouts. However, to our delight, she took an instant liking for Sprouts. She really looks forward to going to school and enjoys all her activities. She has developed her reading habits and eagerly awaits her theatre class every week.

The annual function show was unique and spellbinding.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you- the children, teachers and support staff- for organising it so well. Having been to many such functions before, we would like to highlight what we really found unique  in your presentation.
First and foremost, the concept was unique and each act was exceptionally researched. The children learnt a lot through simple plays and songs.We appreciate the fact that no makeup was applied and the innocence of children was on full display. All children were  given an opportunity to perform at their best.The transition between acts was seamless and none of the children looked ill at ease. All of them seemed to enjoy their act.All the songs were well written and foot tapping. The children were also looked after really well during the practice schedule and main function day as well.
We would like to congratulate all the mentors at Sprouts for the amazing show.
We hope to witness many such lovely acts in the coming years

To sum up, our association with Sprouts has been truly enriching and rewarding. I guess the school songs summarises it all – Sprouts, my school is a super place!


-Jenisha & Mayank- Parents of Sanika Jain from Elementary and Aarohi Jain from Primary 4


Parents at the Annual Day

Parents at the Annual Day


When I  was told about the Annual day I expected it to be yet another program of chaos, kids crying and just unorganised. I was more than surprised with what I saw.

To start with

1) The program started right on time ( unlike most of the annual days I have attended courtesy of my older kid) and ended on time.


2) The Innaugaration ( lighting of the lamp) was done by the kids and not by some celebrity who would impart his knowledge taking precious time and making the parents impatient.


3) The costumes were just amazing and kid friendly. I loved the fact that the same costume was customised for a girl differently and a boy differently. To top it as parents we were not expected to run around and get it stitched or run around searching for a costume that is clean, neat and meets our hygiene conditions.


4) The teachers knew exactly where to bring in the kids out and take them when they had to exit and were ready to avoid any confusion. The fact that this is the first stage presence for most of the kids and not knowing how they would react on stage the teachers ensures that the kids were comfortable and those who were not were not pushed to do their part but were told that it’s oke and were comforted.


5) The concept – “The Big Bang theory” was conceptualised very well and interpreted  by the kids so well!!! the sound, lighting and the speech which was accompanied ( by one of the teachers) was timed so well, that, we actually thought that we were seeing a show done by professionals.


All in all thank you for making this such a great day for me and a very proud moment for my kid.

Last, but not the least would like to add that Subhashini Mam of toddler 2  was there when my son started to throw up as soon as I picked him from back stage. Ensuring ,that all kids were  taken care she was helping me get enough tissues to clean me, my son and at the same time encouraging him and telling him how he good he was on stage and consoling him.

I know this is a very late email, but again like I mentioned I had to pen it down and appreciate the efforts taken by the Sprouts team.

Thanks and regards


 Shilpa Singh Thakkar – Mother of Aarnav Thakkar from Toddler 2



This is just a quick note to thank you all on conducting such a fabulous show for the kids annual day though the circumstances could not be worse with all the holidays that were there and still they were so well prepared. The kids were well taken care of and performed with such enthusiasm . A personal thank you to everyone responsible . So far it has been an excellent year academically and socially. It has been a joy to see Aadhya (primary 2) flourish as she has. The nurturing environment you have created is exactly what she needed.

Thank you

Pradeep and Shikha- Parents of Aadhya Pradeep from Primary 2