Montessori Practice

Montessori Practice

Accredited by the ‘Indian Montessori Centre’, Sprouts offers a coordinated, sequential, program founded on the philosophy and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Toddler Montessori

The Toddler Montessori Program is offered to children between age groups -1½ to 3 years. Our Montessori based Toddler curriculum supports the physical, cognitive, social development of each child. Toddlers strengthen speech and language development and both fine and gross motor skills as they explore self, family and the world which they live in. The environment (Classroom) is equipped with many materials and Toddler apparatus which will help the Toddlers gain those skills.

The Toddlers learn concentration, coordination, language skills, responsibility and respect – all of which prepare him for a successful transition into Primary Montessori.

Primary Montessori

The Primary program (ages 3 to 6) offers an array of concrete learning activities designed to promote cognitive development, positive self-esteem, courteous manners, and responsible work habits. The mixed-age classrooms allow the younger children to learn from the older children, and create an environment where children can learn at their own pace.

The teacher guides the child to activities based on the child’s individual needs, interests and passions, making sure that the child’s development is well-rounded and modifying activities or instructions according to the child’s individual learning style.


In Elementary, concrete materials also are used to explain concepts in math, geometry, history, geography, and science. Students work collaboratively and independently, and they have numerous opportunities to explore the world outside the classroom during field trips.

The Elementary learning environment preserves the goals and values of the Montessori classroom but makes use of some traditional approaches as the students prepare to enter middle schools. Students are provided with opportunities for self-directed study, in-depth analysis, small group work, peer teaching, and individual conferences/goal setting with teachers. They also have blocks of uninterrupted work time, daily homework assignments, tests, and grades. At least one classroom teacher, if not both, are trained Montessori teachers.