Early Adolescence



Today, a few in the world are realizing that to progress you need to back to roots; to the wisdom of the elders; to knowledge so much in harmony with the earth – learn from there and take it forward so the children of today and tomorrow have a better, healthier life.

Thus was born CIKS – Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems. CIKS is engaged in developing feasible and user-friendly programs, using indigenous agricultural practices to help farmers go organic on a sustainable basis.

Sempulam Sustainable Solutions – a quiet but cherished project that holds and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of sustainable organic farming.

An opportunity to learn through farming was offered to and gladly and gratefully accepted by Sprouts as part of curriculum learning for the students of the Early Adolescence Program.

We also found that working in the farm helped us learn in Science, Math and English – just that our learning was in a different way!

Physical work helped us get fit and also helped build in us a respect for doing physical work.

We learnt to work as a team.

We learnt discipline – both as individuals and as a group.

We learnt about eating healthy as well as follow healthy eating habits.

That’s a lot of learning from a year at the CIKS farm!!


Sprouts Early Adolescence programme is for the students aged 11 to 14 years. It provides solid foundations of Montessori Elementary programme that render them to creative thinkers. We do welcome our non Montessori students from traditional background and give them the opportunity to explore themselves.

We offer low student/teacher ratios and a Multicultural program that includes, Farming, Kalaripayattu and Foreign languages.


Our curriculum:

  • provides a seamless transition from elementary education
  • sets clear learning objectives for the secondary education in all the subjects
  • is at par with international curricula and relevant to various requirements and cultures of our learners
  • Focuses on student’s holistic development by inculcating farming as a method of learning

Our focus:

  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Farming as a method of learning
  • Tamil, Hindi and French as second languages



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